Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oct. 4, 2012

Hello humanitarians! Here is what we discussed at the last meeting:

-A reminder that EVERYONE is welcome to participate in outings such as Langley Vineyard, Langley Gardens, Gleaners, etc. - even if you're not a part of the Humanitarian Club! Just be sure to get a permission slip from one of the group leaders (information in side links). 

-The next trip to Gleaners will be taking place on May 25th. Please notify Leah Kim or Chloe Lim if you are interested in volunteering and also if your parents would be able to drive (they need drivers!!). 

-For the trips to Langley Gardens: the group will be leaving on Monday as planned, but the TUESDAY trip is CANCELLED. As a result of this, They will need 18 volunteers for WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10th. It is important that they also have enough drivers and volunteers as they will be practicing the safety evacuation drill. Talk to Bailie for more information.

-Me2We will be selling more lollipops for $1 this following week. Be sure to check out their blog, also linked in the sidebar, for more information. 

-We are also looking for fundraising ideas for the Make A Wish Foundation. Try to think up some suggestions at the next meeting! 

-Wgss humanitarian, Morgan McKay, will be organizing a bake sale to fundraise for our club. Find her in the halls or at the next meeting if you bake or are simply interested in helping out. 

-GLC will be hosting Club Day- an exhibition of all the clubs our school has to offer. This will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 9th. Spread the word!

-Halloween For Hunger? Stay tuned for more info! 

-As always, be sure to save any spare change you find lying around in between sofa cushions for Zoe's jar for Operation Smile or Graham's jar for Muscular Dystrophy!

Happy October, everyone! 

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